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                 καλώς όρισες σπίτι

Do the Greek Gods call to you?

Are you a Hellenic Polytheist in the New England area looking for a home?

Temenos Oikidios is a Greek polytheistic religious group located in West Warwick, RI. Our mission is to provide a modern worship space serving the Greek Gods and Goddesses through education, coaching and guidance.

Our temple is a place to honor the Greek Gods and Goddesses in a way which is consistent with the indigenous religion of Greece in a modern context. We hold rituals and ceremonies for the Gods and Goddesses each month as well as provide education and guidance to those interested in establishing their own practice.

The temple is located in West Warwick, RI at the home of its temple priests, Hiereus Timotheos Kyknandreis & Hiereus Peregrine Kyknandreis.

Upcoming Events

Our rituals are all held at a private residence in West Warwick, RI unless otherwise stated on our calendar. Please email us at htazpri@gmail.com to request attendance.

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